Sitemap - 2020 - Chris Lovejoy's Mailing List

Pausing this weekly email 🎬

6 reasons to learn coding through projects

Every coding project I ever did (and what I learnt)

New beginnings 🏡

Who am I serving? + my alternative YouTube algorithm and an experiment

Automating creativity, making knowledge accessible and raising smart children

Setting limits rather than goals

Start-ups, causality in AI and experiences of COVID

Losing and regaining momentum

Not having much to say

3 routes to combine machine learning with domain-specific experience

Nail down understanding of core concepts

Deciding what to focus on

How to understand the business world

Should I go on a project-based course / bootcamp?

A reminder to stay focussed

Building a project portfolio

Finding and learning from technical mentors

Know just enough for the next step

Deciding my next steps with content creation

Making an "Impossible List"

My 3 rules for social media use

How to be more original

30% commitment, 70% flexibility

Specialising vs generalising

The power of information management

On comparing ourselves to others

Remembering why

Aligning personal interests with adding value

Supercharging my weekly schedule

What can doctors do that AI can't?

Will AI replace doctors?

How to make the most of free moments

Making videos as a means to practice public speaking

How can I best help with Covid-19?

Conscious internet usage

Preventing burnout during COVID-19

To create or not to create?

When it stops being fun

On what matters

Artificial intelligence in drug discovery

The benefits of breaking routines

Strategies for sleeping less: lessons from parenthood

Matching tasks to moments: a method to maximise productivity

Never Writing Ourselves Off (productivity lessons from parenthood)

Avoiding Superficiality: The future of this weekly email

Defining Tasks and Next Steps: A productivity approach that changed my week

When good ideas flow

Machine learning in medicine in the 2020s: My thoughts

The power of our environment