New beginnings 🏡

Hey everyone,

Short one from me this week.

I’m part-way through moving home so it’s been pretty hectic.

As with any transition period, it can be stressful but also a great opportunity. A new environment is an opportunity to develop new habits, so I’m trying to get off on the right foot.

I heard that when a London tube line gets disrupted and people have to find an alternative route, ~10% realise the new route is better and end up sticking with it. I’m trying to find my ‘better route’ now, with the details of my usual daily habits disrupted.

The response to my YouTube algorithm article last week was really cool to see. So many people have reached out with thank-yous and suggestions for next steps. Quite a few have even built further code on top of mine, which is awesome. I’m still working through everything, and learning a lot.


  • Digital Office Hour

  • A data science bootcamp opportunity

  • Best things I found / read about this week

Have a great week!


📆 Digital office hour

Thanks to everyone who reached out re: last week’s digital office hours offer. You should have now heard back from me about arranging times. (Let me know if you haven’t!)

If you missed the notice, I’m trying an experiment: I’m hosting a few ‘digital office hours’ for group discussion/coaching session about building coding and data science skills.

Hit ‘reply’ if you’d be interested in joining a future group 🙂

🔥 A data science coding bootcamp

Earlier this year I attended the “Science to Data Science” (S2DS) 5-week Virtual program and it changed my life. It played a big role in me getting my first data science job.

It’s remote, so I think you can access from pretty anywhere close to GMT time zone. Last year we had people from all over Europe.

They’ve just opened applications for next year’s cohort, and you still have a few weeks to apply. You can apply here.

Feel free to mention that I sent you, and hit ‘reply’ to this message if you have any questions about the program!

✨ Favourite things on internet this week:

  • DeepMind’s AlphaFold (original publication) is a neural network that predicts 3D protein structure. This week, the latest version of their model was recognised as the solution to the “protein folding challenge”, which people have been trying to solve for almost 50 years.

  • After ‘going viral’ on Medium, I re-visited this blog post from Thiago Forte about why people shouldn’t focus on building an audience on Medium.

  • I enjoyed Tom Scott’s video about how the internet has deviated away from its initial “universal information system” aspirations.

  • For the productivity-inclined, you may enjoy this app for saving text snippets from podcasts you listen to.

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