When it stops being fun

Why this week's newsletter is short

I’m currently about four hours into a pretty long post that I’ve been writing for this weekly newsletter. I’m starting a new series on whether we should be “content creators” and if so, what approach to take.

The first post, simply considering my top three reasons for and against content creation, has turned into a bit of a behemoth.

The first couple of hours were extremely enjoyable; I love the challenge of trying to capture my thoughts as clearly and succinctly as possible.

However, the last hour or so has become a bit of a slog, pushed on by the desire to get the post done and share it as per my weekly commitment.

The truth is, I know I could push on and share the post this week. However, I’ve decided not to, now that it’s stopped being fun. I’m going to let the article sit for a few days and then pick it back up again - I’m pretty confident my energy for writing will be back by then.

I could see this as a failure. I’d been planning to complete this post by today. But I think the real failure would have been to force myself to do something I don’t enjoy.

I think there’s probably a life lesson in here; about not forcing ourselves to do things we think we ‘should’ if we aren’t enjoying them. Life’s too short.

Machine Learning for Healthcare

Thank you all for the patience! I’ve just scheduled my next ‘Machine Learning for Healthcare’ event for the 24th/25th April. I’m collaborating with a really impressive doctor called Keith Tsui to run a two-day course over the weekend.

On Saturday, I’ll be covering all the fundamentals of machine learning and how it applies to healthcare, including some discussions and practical exercises. On Sunday, Keith will be covering the principles of practically applying machine learning to create real-world solutions, including the principles of product management.

You can attend either or both. It’ll be run remotely, given the COVID situation, but still with active involvement from attendees.

If interested, you can see more information here and get tickets here.

Have a great week!